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In accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers No.(188) for the year 2012 (Category A) that identified the import activities for Al-Wathekoun international Co. as the following

  1. Supply of food.Supply live livestock for the purpose of slaughter.

  2. Meat supply.

  3. Supply of fruits.

  4. Supply vegetables.

  5. Supply of textiles.

  6. Supply clothes.

  7. Supply of entertainment.

  1. Supply of furniture.

  2. Supply of electrical & electronic devices.

  3. Supply of leather goods.

  4. Supply of cleaning materials.

  5. Supply of furniture.

  6. Supply household tools and equipment.

  7. Supplying books and stationery.

  8. Supply office tools and equipment.

We are providing our service to these clients:

Local markets– Oil filed companies–Hotels – Hospitals– foreign companies compass

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